Retro Rides 20th Birthday Camp Out

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We're 20 years old, which means it is time to head to a field in Somerset, hang out with mates, maybe drink some cider, cook up some food and generally have a great weekend

We're staying at North Down Orchard, we have an area/field set aside for us. I'm limiting it to 100 campers currently.

Camping costs are per pitch, per night. We're passing them on at cost. Sleeping up to three people. I'll get some more clarification on what that all means in terms of tent sizes, as well as location relative to toilets, how we deal with camper vans and all that good stuff in due course.

There are things to do in the local area on Saturday, including a local breakfast club, or we can head up to Haynes Museum (maybe both). In the evening I'd love to hire the Cider Barn for us, so we can do a quiz and have some RR fun.

As we fill in details for the event we'll share them to the club members and on the forum, and update this page.