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Club Retro Rides

What is it?

Retro Rides Forum has long been considered a club of sorts, being a community of like minded people to exchange information and enthusiasm about older (mainly modified) cars. It does however miss some of the key components of a club, the ability to organise at more local levels, the capability of offering limited discounts that some companies would like to, a way to reward the people at the core of our community beyond a “thank you” here and there.

With that in mind Club Retro Rides offers a membership that will both benefit the members as well as support Retro Rides on going efforts to improve the world of modified older cars both online and in the actual real world.

What do you get right now?

Annual membership sticker. Just like the National Trust you get a sticker for your car each year, only members get this sticker.

Club only events as well as Club RR stands at events.

Early access to show tickets. For both RR Gathering and Weekender we’ll be offering camping tickets to club members a week before they go on general sale.

Ad free forum usage


What is GTi!?
GTi membership gets you an extra little something each year, may be an exclusive mug, or key ring or just a little extra thanks for picking this level of membership and supporting us that little bit more.


Why you should join?
Well this is the £20 question isn’t it. Our small list of benefits above is nice and will gradually expand as the club matures. The club supports our activity on the Forum, Youtube and our other channels. Directly it is offsetting the always increasing costs of our image hosting (over 2 million images!), and allowing us to look to expand the tools and functionality of the forum to make for better threads, better experience and overall a better community. On top of that there is the lovely social aspect of our own events and being part of this whole thing!

If you like what we do, we'd love to have you join.